Frequently Asked Questions - Islamic Compass

My compass doesn't point the right direction
If you are in an evironment with magnetic disturbance there is a possibility that the compass is pointing to a wrong direction. This is caused by the magnetic disturbace of the electronic magnetometer in the device.
Solution: Turn off the device causing the magnetic disturbance or move your mobile phone away from the disturbing device.

The compass doesn't work
The Qibla Compass works on devices with a build in magnetometer and GPS. At the start up of the application the compass immediately points to Makkah. When you move to another location or rotate your mobile phone the compass will automatically point to the right direction. If your mobile device doesn't have a magnetometer then the north of the compass allways points at the upper side of the screen.

Push Notification Alarms are not working
You must have an iPhone with original 3.0 software installed and internet availability to be able to use the push notification as alarm. If your device meets those requirements please check if the notification service is enabled in the main settings of your iPhone. (From desktop: Settings - Notifications - Islamic) If not turn 'Sounds' and 'Alerts' on. If you don't see this settings screen then you are unable to receive Push Notifications.

Push Notification ar received at the wrong time
If you don't receive the notifications at the exact minute of the prayer time you should keep in mind that because of the Apple Push Notification Server and the mobile network connection there could be a couple of minutes of delay in receiving of the push notifications. Although we don't get a lot of these complains, it is just the nature of the service. If you receive the notifications at very weird times (far before the actual prayer time and far after the prayer time) please inform us at and we will investigate your specific situation to solve the problems.

I don't see a prayer time for Fajr and/or Isha
Our application calculates Fajr and Isha based on the position of the sun according to the horizon by 18 to 19 degrees. At some times on some locations in the world the following problem exists: At latitudes higher than 48.5, at some days in the summer the sun never goes 18 degrees below the horizon. If that is the case we are not showing a time for those prayer times at all.

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